Schedule of Free Public Seminars

Exciting New Estate Planning Options in Connecticut

Connecticut laws regarding estate planning have undergone  dramatic changes recently.  These changes present new opportunities to accomplish more with estate plans than was possible before.  

Drawing on over 16 years on the bench as a probate judge and 23 years as a trusts and estates attorney, Dom Calabrese will review these new developments and what they can do for Connecticut residents interested in protecting their estates, maintaining control over their affairs, providing for loved ones and staying out of court.  

Topics covered include Powers of Attorney, Limited Liability Companies, and an overview of the new Connecticut Uniform Trust Code that will go into effect January 1, 2020.


  • Tuesday, October 29, 2019.  1:00 pm.  Southbury, Connecticut Senior Center (203) 262-0651
  • Wednesday, November 20, 2019 10:00 am. Stamford, Connecticut Senior Center (203) 977-5151
  • Thursday, November 21, 2019 1:00 pm.  Southbury, Connecticut Public Library (203) 262-0626
  • Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 12:30 pm, Oxford, Connecticut Senior Center (203) 881-5231 

Beware! POAs, Trusts and Liability

It’s common for people to serve as an agent under a power of attorney,  trustee of a trust, or any of a number of other fiduciary roles.   Unfortunately, acting under this kind of authority is fraught with civil and even potential criminal liability.  Particularly for those who choose to not retain legal counsel at the start, the consequences of exceeding their authority or engaging in conflicts of interest create legal quagmires that may involve court proceedings and even protracted litigation.

In this presentation, Domenick Calabrese, Judge of the Region 22 Probate District and Administrative Judge of the Waterbury Regional Children’s Court will review the role of agents under powers of attorney, trustees, administrators, guardians, executors and conservators.  The presentation will include things that should be avoided by fiduciaries, why legal counsel is necessary, and how to choose an attorney.

Living Trusts: Myth versus Reality
Living trusts are one of the most versatile estate planning tools available.  Unfortunately, unscrupulous purveyors of “one size fits all” living trust products often make misleading claims to sell their questionable (and sometimes useless) products.
Domenick Calabrese, Judge of the Region 22 Probate District and Administrative Judge of the Waterbury Regional Children’s Court will carefully review some of the myths of living trusts and share the reality of what may and may not be accomplished with living trusts.
Judge Calabrese will answer questions from the audience in this informal discussion.



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